Sedan Full Car Deep Cleaning & Polish



Exterior body shampoo & polish with the machine, Interior vacuuming & dashboard polishing, Inside seats, doors, roof, mats, trunk shampoo & cleaning, Customers to provide plug point within 20m & water


Full interior vacuum cleaning, Interior dashboard clean & polish, Seats, floor mats, the interior roof, boot/trunk shampoo & clean, Side doors cleaning, AC vents dry dusting


Exterior body shampoo & polishing with a buffing machine, Tyres cleaning & polishing, Windshield, windows, cleaning & polishing

Materials/Equipment Used:

Professional industry-grade cleaning agents, Microfiber cloth/scratch-free mitt/sponge/scrubber, Vacuum cleaner, Buffing machine

Please Note:

1-2 buckets of water and an electrical connection are needed near the cleaning area. Our professional will bring a 20-30m extension wire, Drying time: 1-2 hours post completion of service, AC vents openings will only be dry dusted. Does not include servicing or deep cleaning of vents


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